Adventures to Come to Everyones Way Soon

Well everyone I am back..Well almost I am just working on a few more things before my blogging/Vlogging adventures begin. I also can’t wait to start filming visuals and vlogs with my new DSLR Camera Which is the Cannon EOS 4000/Rebel T100. I also can’t wait to bring everyone my adventures along the way whether if its in my hometown with filming visuals or just a vlog for that day. This is not just only while in my hometown but maybe it might be a road trip or on an actual vacation from where I am but those vlogs/blogs won’t be on here or on my two Youtube channels until I am back from wherever I’m taking my trips at for that adventures. I also can’t wait to bring you each fan trailers for my fan fictions on wattpad.

You might be asking why this long to start your first vlog on your channel and why wait til now. Well that is because I am working on finishing setting up this channel along with its social media sites for behind the scenes of everything that you didn’t see in my vlogs. Well thats all I can say for now cause I can’t too much give everything away about this blog, YouTube channel and other things. Everyone will just have to just wait until the day I relaunch everything including this blog.

Its not just only on this blog but also I can’t wait to take everyone on some adventures while at Disney World maybe for a surprise land and sea vacation one day. Maybe I might be visiting Arizona which is like a second home to me and is taking a road trip to Anaheim,California to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure theme park. Its not just only at a Disney theme park where I will be on my blog made just for my Disney Adventures. This is also for my adventures on a future Disney Cruise to a different island along with Castaway Cay which is Disney’s private island and at Aulani which is their resort over in Hawaii which I can’t wait to bring everyone future vlogs from those places.

I hope that everyone will be ready for the fun and adventures that is about to come everyone’s way with blogs,vlogs and the behind the scenes fun on my various social media sites thats about to come everyone’s way soon. I can’t give it all away nor do I want to spoil it for anyone but until then check back here for updates.

Update on Blog Expansions and The Start of Song Visuals

Ok I’m sure all of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing since this pandemic. Well, I am continuing working on my blogs whether if it’s this one, my fan fiction blog or coming up with ideas for my visuals for the songs in one of my fanfiction playlists. Other times it might not even be songs in that fan fiction playlist but instead its a song from that album. Sometimes it might not even be a visual for a song but it could also be other things to this blog like revamping it to where its this blog, YouTube channels, Facebook page, Instagram accounts( the one thats connected to this blog or my fan account) or if its the Disney blog that I’m building for trips to Disney world, Disneyland, The Disney Cruise or its other Disney proprieties. In the previous blog I’ve talked about what all that I’m doing on this blog account and I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you on here whether if its on here with my blogs or on my YouTube or Instagram accounts. If you haven’t read the first one about things that I’m doing during quarantine then click on the link to read it.

I know all of you are wondering when am I going to start revamping this blog and start on doing the visuals for those songs. For the social media revamping I am working on that one and I know that all of you can’t wait to see everything like the photos from those visuals to the visuals itself. I also can’t wait to take everyone on a behind the scenes of my blogging/vlogging adventures along the way. Yes I am trying to get my YouTube side working like the filming the visuals for that song. It maybe more that me filming visuals for songs sometimes I might be going on an trip and I might be blogging from that place and might want all of you to come on that adventures with me. If you haven’t read about my visuals for the songs that I do plan on doing visuals for then click the link to read about that blog post.

I’ve also talked about on here about my projects which does includes expanding this blog from not only doing YouTube like my visuals and vlogging adventures but also having a way that everyone can be updated on things whether if its on its own social media accounts like twitter or Facebook and seeing its own behind the scene stories on its own Instagram account. This expansion has been a very huge passion since I’ve first started this blog as a freshman at the main campus of the community college that I’ve attended in a small town in Mississippi when I was only 19 years old. I would not only would love to take everyone on a tour of this campus but also talk about the fan fictions that take place there. Which all of you will have to wait on for sometimes. I’ve also been thinking about doing some storyboards to videos with my visuals for some of those scenes in those visuals. Along with those storyboards I’ve also been thinking about writing some of the spiels for some of those visuals before the beginning of those visuals. If you haven’t read the blog post for this one then you know what to do. Click on the link to read that blog post and here’s the link to that blog post so that you can catch up on the blog posts if you haven’t read it.

I can’t wait to start on the expansion of this blog post so that all of you can go on my blogging adventures with me in the different states here in America and around the world once Covid-19 has been eradicated for good and all of us who has been quarantined can get back to our lives. But until then everyone be on the lookout for surprises along the way and stay safe everyone.

Chemotherapy Alternatives

Alright, in the last blog post I’ve talked about the alternatives to the nausea medications and if you would like to read more about it then click the link to read the previous two blog posts. Imagine that you get the very devastating news that you have some form of cancer and you have to do chemotherapy. You are talking to your doctor and your telling her that your refusing to do the chemotherapy but instead your wanting to do an alternative treatment. Your doctor is wanting you to do the treatments but instead your going with your instincts and decide not to do the chemo. But you choose not to do the chemotherapy instead you start to find other alternatives to the chemo or is willing to try another form of treatment instead of the chemotherapy. Well here are some for different types of cancers that you can try. Some of them includes the following for alternatives to the chemotherapy if your looking to go that route and not doing the chemotherapy all together. According to the Mayo Clinic this clinic list the top 10 cancer alternative treatments for cancer patients who wanting to do an alternative to what the doctors is wanting you to do. Those therapies includes music therapy, tai chi, yoga, or acupuncture which are some of the few alternatives.

Other alternatives include immunotherapy which helps with the immune system, radiation is some of the few chemo alternatives. According to, they list 8 alternatives for both chemotherapy and radiation on their site, and here’s the link to this link to check out more information to the eight alternatives to the treatments. You might have gastric cancer and is looking for an alternative all together and is totally against taking the chemotherapy so you look into medical marijuana but the problem is that it’s not legal in your state so your thinking about getting an out of state card and go to a state that is legal since you have other family members that live in that state. It’s not just only the medical marijuana that you’re looking into but your thinking about finding a CBD oil to help with the treating the tumor to where it has completely shrunken all together. Your looking for an alternative treatment right now cause the chemo had made you sick to where your having nausea and has decided to stop taking all of the medications at this point but have not given up on faith so you continue your daily meditation to where you receive a miracle and good news from the doctors. You might not even be sure about the CBD oil so you do a little bit more digging online and your super nervous about this altogether. You also start looking into other cancer treatment hospitals like MD Anderson, or Cancer Treatment Center of America for other options to help treat the cancer tumor along with your faith and you have never given up on your faith.

The doctors are shocked, stunned, or surprised that they can’t even believe that the whole tumor has shrunken. Everyone including your own family members are excited about the good news and is wondering how did you get the tumor to completely shrink without the chemo. Some might say it was from the Medical Marijuana, Other might say it was from the one of the alternative therapies that you had tried while you was conducting this experiment to see if it would work. Some would also say that it could be from the cbd oil that you had used without the doctors, nurses or anyone else knowing about it and you continue to keep using that oil to where all of the cancer was completely gone from the body along with the part of where it had spread in the body. Every family member, friends or strangers believes that it was from a unexpected miracle that every single person had prayed for even the family members on both sides had prayed for this whole time.

If you or a family member, friend, or anyone is dealing with any forms of cancer and you are being told to do the chemotherapy ask your doctors about the side effects and if you can do an alternative to the chemotherapy. Don’t be afraid to ask your oncologist about the side effects and the chemicals that’s in the chemo. If your willing to find a alternative to all of the medications that you are being force to to take then I say go for it and don’t ever be afraid to try out other types of treatments other than the chemotherapy even if your to not to do it. Don’t be afraid to take risks like trying those alternatives I say find a alternative that works for you. If your willing to do an alternative therapy then go for it and don’t give up on your fight against this disease nor let it win.

Things I’m Doing While Being Quarantined

I know its been a while since I’ve last written my blog post on both of my blog sites but I know that all of you are looking for new things to either try or to read. You might be wondering what I am up to these days cause of this virus. Well I’ve been working on my second fanfic novel which you can go to my fan fiction blog if you haven’t read my first fan fic novel Rockstar Journey. I’ve worked on this one since my senior year 8 years ago and now years later this fan fiction novel has went through so many editing and changes within the chapters along the way.

If your like me and is looking for a new passion then you are in the right place. As you all may know I’ve been thinking about doing more with this blog like building its own Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. I’m sure some of you know that this blog was started as a weekly class assignment as a freshman taking Beginning English at Hinds Community College in Raymond, Mississippi and I’ve never knew that I would even see this blog grow to where it is at now. I’ve also been thinking about doing a podcast as part of this blog account. That’s another blog post for another day and back to this current blog post. If you want to read about my first fan fiction novel then click directly on the link to go to my fan fiction blog.

I’ve also been thinking about doing some song visuals for my YouTube channel and using some of those scenes as a photoshoot from those visuals. But all of you are wondering when am I going to start on my next fan fiction novel well I am already typing out more chapters of the next fan fiction novel on wattpad and I can’t wait to bring it to you in the fanfic blog but in the mean time all of you will just have to wait and see once I officially start publishing the crossover fan fiction novel Secrets Of The Blue Templar which is the first ever Blue Bloods crossover fan fiction novel with Third Watch. Also just like I had mentioned in that draft blog post there will be twist and turns along the way so all of you who is waiting to read this crossover fan fiction novel.

You might be wonder what else I’m working on fan fiction wise well I am working on two other fan fiction novels on Wattpad as well as a sci-fi novel series which I can’t wait to start working on those three on there. The two fan fiction novels is based on the hit 90s series Lois and Clark:The New Adventures of Superman and Supergirl which is my second fan fiction crossover novel on Wattpad. The other one is Junior Operative Networking As Spies which was supposed to be a TV show back in 2009 but all of us had never gotten that pilot that year. I super excited to bring that one to life as a fan fiction. I also can’t wait to start blogging about those future fan fictions on my blog fan fiction page but in the mean time all of you will just have to wait and see for now.

Alternatives to Nausea Medications With Natural Remedies

OK, in my last blog post I’ve talked about alternatives to taking the anxiety and depression medications and I’ve mentioned what there are like the Xanax and the Valium which they are being used to help treat anxiety and depression. If you would like to read this previous blog post for your own research or is trying other ways to help calm that family member, friend or classmate down. Here’s the link to that blog post

This is not only for the Anxiety and the depression medications but also for the nausea medications too. If your looking for an alternative to stop the nausea without the medications for your friend, family member or for yourself then you are at the right blog. Even though there are over the counter medications to help with the nausea but you are very uncertain about it or your just not sure about the reaction to it. Maybe you might be trying to look for an alternative to what your taking for the nausea. If you like sour candy then you can pack some of the candy after the treatment for that day. Other types of sour candies that you can try to help with the nausea is the sour patch candies like the Sour Patch Kids, Strawberry or Watermelon Sour Patch. If your growing a lemon tree then take some lemons and keep it with you along with some other sour items to help with the nausea. You are thinking about trying something else to help with the nausea along with the other symptoms along with the nausea. Maybe you might be looking into trying an alternative to the nausea medications along with the other medications that you are taking.

According to they talk about the nine types of foods that helps with the nausea. The nine types of foods and liquids that helps with the nausea are Bananas, Sport Drinks( Like Gatorade and Poweraide) a Sprig of Mint, Chicken Broth, Nuts, Water, Ginger,Crackers and apples. If you want to know more about this list then click on the link to know more about those nine items that will help with the nausea. You might be thinking about finding something else to try and avoiding the prescription medications all together then you might be thinking about trying medical marijuana but is wondering if it is legal in your state. If not then your looking for a way to be able to use it but is also willing to go out of state for this. Even if your a cancer patient and is looking for an alternative to the nausea from the chemo and your also trying to find a alternative to the chemotherapy. That will be something that I will talk about in my next blog post for all current cancer patients that is willing to try something new other than the chemo and is waiting for a miracle too. Don’t fret just because you had gotten the bad news about it I’m sure that all of you out there are willing to try something else if its not working or if had spread.

Ways That We Can Stop the Anxiety and Depression With Alternatives Instead of Drugs

You might be wondering how can I stop my anxiety and the depression that one person may be dealing with. Well, the way how I personally stop it is by listening to music by my favorite artists to help me with the anxiety and the depression. You might be a cancer patient who was prescribed with drugs like Diazepam which is Valium and Alprazolam which is Xanax. If you’re wondering what are some alternatives to those types of medications one of them is to listen to the rain or to some other form or nature sound. Another alternative is to go outside and soak some of the sun rays from the sun or go out for a nice walk or a nice bike ride. Sometimes you might want to go and enjoy the beautiful day outside or might want to look at the stars and moon.

You might be thinking of some of the other alternatives to some of those types of medications that your thinking of trying. Maybe you might be thinking about trying Saffron, St. John Wort or other types of herbs to help with depression and anxiety. Here are some other things that you might be considering for an alternative for medications for depression and anxiety.

You might have young adult children that might be taking this into consideration with trying some alternatives to the depression and the anxiety medications have that person to calm the person with cancer down by having them imagining themselves in a relaxing place maybe like an island with clear blue water or sitting outside in the calming rain. If you want to physically hear the rain then maybe you should go out to your porch or sunroom and sit there and listen to the nice calming sound of the rain.

Also, try to play some of those relaxing sounds with earbuds and close your eyes and imagine that your in that place. Those places that is quiet, peaceful, and calming is like a forest with a stream, or an island maybe like the Bahamas or the sounds of thunder or even the sound of light rain. Another method to calm the anxiety down is to try to take some deep breaths and count to five and slowly exhale.

Another thing that a family with a member that is dealing with anxiety is to invest in a therapy dog. You might ask how can I get a therapy dog if the yard isn’t big enough for it to run around in. Well, you can always let them sleep in its very own doghouse. If you have a backyard and is very concerned about your plants and garden then let it sleep right beside you and your loved one in its very own dog bed.

I might not be a doctor but it’s always a good advice to ask your oncologist or doctor if it’s okay to try some alternative methods for the anxiety and depression medications. If your scared or afraid to ask your doctor or oncologist have a family member to ask them for you whether if its your adult children, your spouse whether if its your husband, wife or partner. Maybe you might want your sibling or friend to be with you at the next appointment so maybe one of them should ask you doctor for you. My advise to you if your are afraid or is force to take the medicine is not to be afraid to ask questions about alternatives for the anxiety and depression medications.

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Exploring All of Arizona

Sometimes I wonder what places in Arizona could I go and explore some might say the ritzy part other might say the Grand Canyon. I never knew that when I had first visited Arizona on June of 2014 I had imagined if I was a resident of Arizona. When I had first moved there in May of last year I’ve never even knew how it would even work out for a girl like myself whose from a small town in Mississippi where everyone knows everyone to knowing just family living there to meeting other people. One of the biggest thing that I’ve done while I was there was visit the arena where the Phoenix Suns play for my very first concert and unfortunately I didn’t get to meet the band that was performing there but I know that my turn for a meet and greet is coming. I just don’t know even when its going to happen but I know that when I return to Arizona soon it will happen.

If your a fan of baseball or have never been to a major league baseball game like myself then consider going to one of the Arizona Diamondback games at Chase Field which is a couple of blocks from Talking Stick Resort Arena which is home to the Phoenix Sun which is part of the professional basketball team. If your not in to baseball but is into hockey then go to one of the Arizona Coyotes hockey or its indoor football team which is know as the Arizona Rattlers at Gila River Arena

You might be wondering what are some other places in Arizona that I could explore if I ever decide to visit Arizona one place would not only be Downtown Phoenix but it would be Downtown Chandler. Not just Downtown Chandler but other parts like their shopping malls like Chandler Fashion Center and sometimes I have this thought that I would love to see something like this in my own hometown. Another place that everyone should considering visiting is Downtown Tempe which is home to Arizona State University if your considering going to college there whether if you live in Arizona or is transferring from another college in the United States. While your in Tempe take the time and the advantage to explore all of the local shops and restaurants while in Tempe along with visiting Tempe lake.

Even if your deciding to go to North Phoenix considering visiting the beautiful and ritzy Scottsdale where you can possibly meet a famous person or two. Another thing that you can do is visiting Oldetown Scottsdale which is their downtown in Scottsdale,Arizona including their entertainment district, art galleries, food tours and other types of things to do while in Scottsdale or just in Arizona in general. If your considering visiting a ski lodge where you can go skiing, snowboarding or just wanting to go and play in the snow why not go and visit North Arizona and visit the places up there like Flagstaff, Arizona and its neighboring states like Utah,Colorado,Wyoming,Idaho etc. If your considering visiting some of the other neighboring states in Arizona why not considering visiting New Mexico, Nevada or California.

Even if your considering taking a road trip which is 22 or more miles then go and take that road trip and visit those places, towns and other places in and around the state of Arizona. Also consider visiting those states around Arizona and take in every single view of this wonderful state and those around the great state I called Arizona. Even if your in a boat like me who is not only trying to find a job and is from a small town in Mississippi but is considering moving there. Make a pro and cons list and while at it look at some of the homes in the towns like Ahwatukee,Chandler,Gilbert Mesa, Maricopa or in the Downtown Phoenix area just to name a few. Also if your considering or just thinking about moving back to Arizona to not only find a job but is considering starting your life there. Just go and follow and most importantly listen to your heart cause you might not know what it is telling you.

Draft Song Visual Ideas

When you listen to your favorite song do you just want to tell a visual story of your own. I’ve always wanted to show my visual and my director side of me . Even like the songs from the Happiness Begins Album I’ve want to be able use some of those songs to tell my own story. Its not just some of those songs but I would love to use different songs and start on my own venture and my own journey to share with every single one of you whether if it on here or on my Youtube channel in the future. I would also would like to take each one of you on a behind the scenes look at my visual videos for these songs along with the visual and the inspiration for these songs in my playlist whether if its one of my fan fiction playlist or not I want to visually tell the story.

You might be wondering how will I be able to do these types of things with everything that currently going on right now. Well I’ve been thinking about doing a storyboard for different scenes in each video whether if its Strangers, Don’t Throw It Away or other songs in my playlists. The same way for these types of ideas stands in my fanfic playlists whether if its Rockstar Journey or my new fan fiction crossover novel Blue Bloods: Secrets of The Blue Templar which is the first ever BlueBloodsxThirdWatch crossover fan fiction playlist. If you have previously visited the playlist then you will know what I’m talking about.

I would love to show every single one of you my work while everyone is distancing. themselves from their normal lives with everything that is going on right now. I want to be able to show everyone my video editing skills all over the world whether if your watching from Australia, the US, Europe or where ever you are reading my blog. I also want to say that if you have a passion for something then go and show the world your passions whatever it may be and don’t ever be afraid of showing the world your dreams and passion just because some want you to do something that they think that you would like to do. I want everyone that is reading this blog to go and find a passion and chase that passion and that dream and show it off to the world.

Even one day I was on my personal twitter page and I had seen a thread showing the songs from the Happiness Begins album and I had thought to myself what if they did a visual album with the songs from the album. I had also thought that it would be a super cool ideal to show my creative side and use those songs to tell a visual story from those songs along with showing my production side of me. Its not just only these songs from this album but its a lot of songs from different albums from different artists including the ones in my fanfic playlists and other playlists too that I would want see come to life to a visual or similar to an actual music video to tell that story to that song.

Quote, Unquote – Jonas Brothers :

I never had knew that a band of brothers would change so many lives over the years including mine. Who knew that these guys music would save so many lives over the years along with fans meeting each other whether if its on social media like Twitter, Instagram or on Instagram Live Facebook or in person at a concert, meet and greet with the guys or on facetime. Even though we are strangers that we do not know each other personally but we are a family no matter what goes on whether if its good or bad.

We are not only are fans all over the world and right here in the US cause of these three guys from Jersey but we are also a family no matter what goes on in our lives cause we all know that we are here for each other. For the ones like myself who had never had a chance to meet them in person at a concert or on a video conferencing app like Zoom that day to meet them will come so don’t give up on not being able to meet them cause we all know that it will happen. Trust me I know it all too well just like everyone else.

Quote, Unquote – Jonas Brothers :

My Though on Miss Americana Pt 2

Ok just a spoiler alert if you haven’t read the first part of my blog post for Miss Americana Documentary then here is the link. I would suggest that you would go and read the first part then come back and read the second part of this blog. Here’s the link to the first part of this blog post if you either haven’t read it or want to start reading it before reading the second part of this blog.

In the last blog post I was talking about the documentary and here’s the second part of this blog post. For so many years this talented young lady was forced to stay silence by the label for not only on her views but she wasn’t even allowed to even speak her own mind. Sometimes I feel that way too as people tell me not to say anything and I should just keep my own mouth shut. Sometimes I feel that they don’t want me to say whatever it is that is on my mind.

As a blogger myself who has been blogging since my freshman year of community college I do truly say that its perfectly OK to go and speak your mind whether if its to your friends or to anyone else even to your family members. But if I were you tell them sooner or later so that in the end you won’t feel guilty about it. Also don’t hide it inside of you to where it maybe too late to get whatever it is that has been on your mind and has been bothering you out. Whether if its moving back home and not having a opportunity in life, school or just about anything else in between that is getting to you.

Just like Taylor and getting whatever it is that’s on her mind through songwriting and music the way I get whatever it is that on my mind I blog about it, write about it in my fan fictions or other novels on wattpad. If a person is forcing you to keep your mouth shut and your being force to stay silence and not to speak its OK to speak up and speak out on things that’s going on today and what’s on your minds. You are your own person and you have a voice and no one can stop you from speaking up or speaking your mind. Whether if its at school, at home or on the job, at a meeting or where ever it maybe at tell that person how you truly feel about it in a heartfelt and honest way.

Just like in the song Only The Young From the Miss Americana Documentary she was able to write about her frustration with everything that was going on back in 2016 to now she is saying not to go and keep your mouth shut about what is going on in the world but also in our own back yards. Another song from her Lover album that has a similar reference to everything that is currently going on right now is a song called Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince. The same way is with other Youtubers and members of the New Black Media which they aren’t silent about anything.

So whenever I listen to Miss Americana& The Heartbreak Prince I start to visualize myself telling my own story. Even with the theme of this song having a high school theme to it. I visualize myself telling my own story with some of the things that she’s talking about in this song. I also visualize some of the lyrics in this as if I’m filming my own visual story for all of the world to see. I even imagined scenes from the Out Of The Woods Music video from her 1989 album as well as myself standing in a room that has newspaper on the wall and the room is burning.

You might ask me where and how did I even imagine or had came up with those scenes from those music videos. Another video that I had imagined was from the See No More music video by Joe Jonas from the FastLife album along with Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire which was a project that I had once did in high school US History class. In both of those music videos you will know what I’m talking about with the fire but back to the blog post. As I was watching those videos I started to imagined my own visual story being told at my old high school and in the downtown part of my hometown. As you are listening to these songs visualizing your own story or her music or anyone’s music just go and ask yourself do you want to be on the right side of history where we stand together for people who wants an opportunity just ask yourself that question in your head while watching the Miss Americana documentary on netflix if you haven’t watched it yet.

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