Media Influences

Sometimes people say that the media has good influence on us and here’s my point of view on what I think about the in magazines, TVs and young adult books these types of media are bad influence on on us like for example in the Us Weekly magazines they would first take photos of the celebs then they would photoshop them which I personally think that should stop in all magazines. The teen magazine Seventeen recently stop photoshoppping their pictures to their magazines according to the eighth grader made a petition to stop this type of addiction. 

 This type of addiction is destroying millon of girls who has been self harming themselves like one of my favorite musicians Demi Lovato who went to rehab for help and the song Skyscraper which had inspired so many people like me and her documentary on MTV called Demi Lovato:Stay Strong. In the documentary it talks about her ups and down and how much her fans like myself means to her. This is a slogan by her she uses to inspire so many people. If I had a chance to meet her one day or if she is ever reading one of my blog posts I would thank her for everything through her songs. Lovato had even mentioned this on her new YouTube documentary called Simply Complicated which I’ve enjoyed watching cause she wanted to tell her story.

Another documentary that I’ve recently enjoyed watching was the Jonas Brothers new documentary movie called Chasing Happiness which was on Amazon Prime. Which they had talked about their personal life. While I watched this one in its entirety I’ve felt my heart ripping right out of my chest when they was talking about their downfalls but in the end I’m proud to be part of an amazing fandom and if only I could thank them for being part of my life with their music.

This had also reminded me of the Grey’s Anatomy episode that Lovato had appeared in back in 2009 where here character kept telling the doctors that she wasn’t crazy. Later on towards the end of that episode we find out that her character was misdiagnosed has a disorder called Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome.  You might be wondering what is Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome? According to google Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome and to is an opening in the bone that covers the superior semicircular canal of the inner ear. It can cause trouble with a person’s balance and hearing.

Other TVs shows which some has inspiration shows to some that causes alot of problems like BET and other shows. Even young adult books which are some good and bad influences. Unlike then media influences has grown to where people like myself are coming on social media to build their empire, tell their stories and other types of things that people would not think about back then.

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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