How I feel about this person with this diease

 Before she left my entire family she had several problems including Diabetes. Why is that? Simple she had this diease for a long time and this diease is also a family trait meaning anyone in my famiy can catch it…and even twins like myself  can get this diease too. What disease am I talking about and it’s not heart disease? It it’s diabetes and there are two types of Diabetes.You have Type1 Diabetes which doesn’t make insulin and the other one is Type 2 Diabetes in which the body is resisting the insulin. This type of disease not just only affects children  but it also affects  tweens, teens, young adults, adults, and even the elderly. This disease even leads to complications if not tooken care of properly.

Last year in my high school research paper I mentioned that “There’s not a cure to this diease but we can all  help to find one.”According to the song A Little Bit Longer by The Jonas Brothers which is also the title of their 2008’s album the phrase “Wating On a Cure but None of Them are Sure…A Little Bit Longer and I’ll Be fine.” What this is saying that their younger brother and singer Nick Jonas testified to congress in Washington,DC and on Capital Hill to congress for a cure to fight against this disease.The late Mary Tyler Moore was another person who had went before congress back in 2001 to testify  for a cure against Type 1 as well. So many  people over the years have tried to find a cure to this disease but instead it was never found. Even this is a deadly disease if not properly watched and can caused complications as well. After receiving my research paper back after so much needed work even though some of it was changed I was so shocked to see the grade that was on there because I had thought that I was one of the ones we had made the horrible grade cause some of things was changed but it must had been the other way around.

On one Saturday night back in 2009 while I was a student at Warren Central I was laying down watching song lyrics on YouTube and I happened to be listening to this song. I had never knew how much this one song had impacted me at all til the very next morning while at church. While everyone else was listening to the sermon the only thing that was in my head at the moment was A Little Bit Longer. While the sermon was still going on I was starting to become teary eyed cause of the song and everyone else was looking at me and was wondering “Is she crying cause of the sermon.” Even my own parents and some of my other family members were looking at me too. The answer to that one is a no and I was crying cause of the song A Little Bit Longer.

According to Fraternal twins have a 11% risk of being dianosed with this diease. If I had to ask my where do I place in this risk? The answer would be that most likely I would be in the 11% risk margin because…yes I am a twin but I’m also a fraternal twin. One thing that I would love to do to help my favorite musician with Type one is to do a JDRF run along with other Jonatics to help with this. I believe and think that I will not let this slow me down any way because I want to help find a cure to it!

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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