We can end poverty

Over the years some people think that they alone but they are not alone. I would say that this epidemic has been going on for a long time. Even right here in Mississippi and I think that there is a way to end poverty. One way to ending poverty is by helping building new houses, getting the impoverished excellent education starting with the younger ones. The second one is giving the graduated seniors of high school scholarships to colleges and universities and better-paying jobs.

The third way to ending poverty is by these colleges and universities should lower tuition, room, and board, and book costs for these people even in a classroom setting everyone deserves a second chance not only to learn and get a better paying job but also one to provide for the family. Another way I think that people who can’t afford college or university is having everything paid for these well-deserved people for 1-4 years while they are in college. There should also be free tuition for not only for the impoverished but for the ones who had to take our loan.

I also feel that the hard-working people like myself should not have to pay for school cause of student loans already have to be paid back to the government. I also feel that the ones who had struggled to get here I think that all of their loans should be paid for life. The same should go for every veteran who had fought for us. Any and every loan that they get should be paid for life. These veterans deserve a whole lot more than what we are seeing today. This should also go for anyone. Who has decided to come back and finish their degrees?

What do I also think should happen with those loans that most college graduates have to pay back to the government? I personally believe that they should just let us keep the money to help pay off other types of bills along with putting it in a trust fund or a college for their children who had just started school or who might just be infants. It can be very hard for a person to pay for college classes out of pocket and if a person who is not only struggling financially but also with their classes and their GPA then they should not have to pay for any college class out of pocket. Instead, they should be allowed to do any form of work-study to help with the cost of classes to where they’re automatically hired for that position that they had worked at while they were part of the work-study program.

In today’s case most people are not working for corporate America instead they are blogging doing, YouTube full time or other types of freelance type of work to make ends meet. Along with the freelance work, most people who are in poverty are not only is trying to make it out of poverty but some are also are working on their own business to where they have one-hundred percent of the stakes of that business. This is not just the ones who are trying to make it out but they want to see their children, grandchildren, and other  family members be successful with their ventures-Andrea

Published by aflaggs93

I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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