Getting to Know You

I remembered when I got to meet the new seventh graders who was about to become freshmen in high school. So When I got to meet them,they were like the awesome band helpers ever! So when the band was just about to take the photo I thought one more thing was missing and brighten my senior year. I had this thought like “This is the best senior year ever.” Everyone was like get in the photo so I did and I feel that being able to stand there on the field along with my high school band,seniors and alumnis who I will probably will not see again til graduation night would be my very last time seeing them for one last time.  These people made my senior year of high super special.

Some of them were familiar faces from my time in elementary school and just a very few were new faces but right then I felt that I would be welcomed by them in third period band as an only eighth grader. The first time when this had actually happened was back in August of 1999 when I was a student at Beechwood Elementary and I usually would had to go to the other side of the building which was formerly the fourth grade area of the school. That area which is now the fifth and sixth grade area of the building and the very last time that I had stepped foot on that side of the building was during the 2005-2006 school year.

It was not just only in school that I’ve met new people even with the fandom world online. Maybe on October 5th when I go to my first Jonas Brothers concert I would be able to connect with some of my social media followers as well as new people. Even better I probably would be able to go to my first after meet and greet and meet other fans and social media followers. But the one reason why maybe an after meet and greet is that I would be able to give my favorite band of brothers a hug and thank them for their music and how much it had impacted me.

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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