Family first

I personally think that some people are not ready for full responsiblities as of yet. Why do I personally think that people are not ready for full responsiblities yet? To me some people might can’t be able to start a fire or the things that Lynn stated. To me the only way is that they would have to watch their parents get a job or go to school to be able to afford to take care of the family. 

 Also what Mrs. Lynn stated is not the right things to do those things should have been done properly. Why do I still think that Loretta Lynn is wrong for these things? The reason that she is wrong for what she said about being a family because some people are not ready to start a family because it’s not about starting a fire, to me it’s about the basics like clothes, food, water, and a warm place to stay and truly call a home.

Mrs. Lynn should try to put herself in the shoes of some people in the African American community who is working hard. By working hard I’m talking about going to school getting a degree and making their family proud  for the ones who didn’t or was unable to finish their college education or other type of education. You also have people like myself who have struggled in school due to a learning disability but was able to conquer both high school and college.

These people fought for civil rights and maybe she should also read some very important information by the great Malcom X. This man has taught some things which there are videos that she can watch online too as well. She can even listen to these things on what this man has done in his time. Even today in the era of social media like Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr and other websites you can see most of us doing good things. I personally think that she has never heard of the black media or in this day and age The New Black Media which is all independent media told by people on YouTube or junction tv if something can’t be told on YouTube. Even though there wasn’t any social media back then unlike today another thing that is super powerful along with social media is screen capture or in my case screenshots.

In today’s age of social media and screenshots the types of things that she had mentioned in those lyrics would had not only have an effect on her but it will also show her true colors. Another thing that Mrs. Lynn has failed to realize that not only that what she said was probably was written in her lyrics…If a person was happening to be listening to the song and that was mentioned the whole world is listening even in 2019. I personally think that it would be very wise for Mrs. Lynn to think before she plans to speak or in her case sing what she is talking about.

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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