My struggle and dream

Whenever I look in the mirror sometime I see a reflection of myself and other time I see a person. She ask herself a question and she asked, “Why am I here and why am I locked in this room?” Even when I wake up at home I feel that is where I belong not there. Sometime I feel scare, trapped, and afraid. Even sometimes I would feel ok but still worried about what’s going through my head. I feel that a person suggesting or choosing my major to me was a mistake. I do not think a person choosing my major was not appropriate for me. Here’s one reason I feel that I would not like the major. The one thing that make me feel a lot better is listening to music and I hear a lot of people telling me you should be a musician. Why is that? 

To me I feel that it would be a huge thing for me because not only music is my life but for me I feel that I do have a huge dream. Even whenever I am interacting with other fans they still tell me that I should be a musician. Every time I listen to a song it tells me to go on and live that dream and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. The first time I had picked up an instrument was the sixth grade tryouts for the seventh grade year but I was in choir and that was also was the beginning of the musician dreams. My tenth grade year of high school I started writing my own poems that would one day be the songs that I would sing on my tour. 

Now that I am in college I am not only still writing those poems that one day would be songs that I would sing on tour along with my future bandmates who also have a dream of being a musician. During my senior year of high school at Warren Central I’ve started a fan fiction novel on the app Wattpad telling the story of a girl like myself who had struggled her whole life but she had a dream of becoming a musician. Instead of her going the route that was chosen for her by her parents who was never supportive of her… she felt that she should go and chase her dreams and she does just that and not given up on those dreams. The character Anna Morgan in this fanfiction novel is loosely based on me and along on her journey and her stardom she meets so many musicians along with meeting singer Demi Lovato and  The Jonas Brothers who will forever will be a band of brothers as what fans like myself would say about these three talented brothers.

In one part of the book I’ve written a scene where they are at Hinds Community College on the Raymond Campus as if the school had a 4 day music festival that the school holds every year and when she sees the disability specialist the songs that she sings is World Of Chances which is from Lovato’s 2010 album Here We Go Again on stage on her own. After that she then brings Lovato and fellow singer Cher Lloyd out on stage when she sings the first part of the song Really Don’t Care from Lovato’s 2013 self titled album.  This scene was written as if this music festival actually did happened at the main campus and around the downtown area too. As I’m still writting more chapters to this novel it includes painful flashbacks of her younger years as she is struggling with things like mental,verbal, and some abuse. She is able to conquer those and now she wants the truth from her parents who has never supported her dreams. 

By the end of the tour which I can’t spoil for you cause the writting is in progress she is finally on her first big tour ever. She is on stage with some of the hottest artists ever. I’ve even imagined if there were a stop on this tour right over in the capital city here in Mississippi. There will be some scenes in the next book that will be super crazy even  in one part a huge block/house party that will get cut. I can’t tell you the full story just yet as I am still finishing up the first one. As I am finishing this first fan fiction novel and is about to prepare for the sequels to this novel along with a full concert book as if this was an actual full length concert movie. Just picture yourself at a concert of your fave musicians.

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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