A Sea of Decorated Graduation Hats

As the semester comes to a close and graduation is just around the corner for myself and for many others who will be getting their degrees,career or technical certificates I ask myself is there one thing missing from the graduation ceremony. Yes, there is just one thing that is missing. The one thing that is missing from this graduation ceremony is our story. What story in fact I am talking about? You know the kind that is decorated on the motarboard of the graduation cap.

Graduation is more than just a milestone it will be a story to tell for years to come. It will be a story that we will tell for years to come…Well almost for the fact how we had gotten this far should be something that the graduates should have on top of their graduation hats. On November the 30th I had went to receive my cap and gown for graduation on December 15th 2017 at 11 a.m. I had already had planned what I was going to put on the top of my graduation cap…But there was just one little problem with that idea for graduation. There were a set of graduation instructions that were given to us and it had on there that the graduation cap should be left how it were delivered and not to be decorated.

Later that same day I had sent an e-mail about this and kept trying to convince them that this rule in the graduation instructions should be changed. Unfortunately, I had lost that fight but I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to give up that fight just like Commissioner Francis(Frank) Reagan who is played by Tom Selleck on the television series Blue Bloods. Also I had asked myself how did I have even ended up this far that my story of struggle and triumph should be told. I had to take some risk to get here. That risk had started back in 2012 when I had first had stepped foot on the college campus. What I was doing  there on the campus you might say. It was not only was  it for orientation which had finally had given me a chance to explore my college campus since I didn’t get to have a chance to go for college day during my senior year of high school.grad cap decoration

The second reason was for band camp which was held before the semester had even began. If I had to put myself in the shoes of one Commissioner’s children it would be his next oldest son Daniel (Danny) Reagan who is played by New Kids On The Block band member Donnie Walhberg. OK, Why would you put yourself in the shoes the the next oldest Reagan some may ask me. That reason is because sometimes to follow the rules you have to take some risks with the rules. So why are you picking the second oldest Reagan brother over his sister Erin Reagan who is played by Bridget Moynahan well you have to put it this way sometimes good people are willing to risk the rules and just go and fight for it. Couple of days ago as I was browsing the school’s website I had came across a photo from a summer graduation from July of 2016 and shows the top part of their graduation hat decorated.

This had led me to ask myself “If we are allowed to keep the graduation hat why are we not allowed to decorate it to tell our story.” One response from an e-mail was that because they want it in a uniformed fashion. I wondered what would it be like if the graduation was in a sea of decorated graduation caps. I would put it as decorated uniforms as what some would call it. What would my hat had said if we were allowed to decorate it…Well it would say “Last Year Was Complicated But now I’m a Fire starter and I’m Confident but I’m Still Blaming It on The Weatherman.”

If you are unaware or don’t know what all of those come from then I will break all of them down for you. The first one Last Year was Complicated is the name of the 2016 album by singer Nick Jonas. One of my favorite songs from that album is called Unhinged in the line right now my head isn’t screwed on right and I can’t decide what I want this line in the song it was the description of me can’t make a decision during my freshman year wanting to be there or be close to home. Also that song reminds me so much of my first year there and I felt afraid. In the next part  but now I’m a fire starter is actually comes from two songs off of Demi Lovato’s 2013 self tilted album which consisted of the songs Warrior and Fire Starter. These two songs taught me not to let anyone get up under my skin and continue to fight no matter.  The third one is the title of and is also the song from Lovato’s 2016 album Confident which mean that you are confident in what you are doing and you are going to do fine. This song also meant that you are a confident no matter what. I can tell you that I was never confident with my learning disability cause I felt that I was afraid to let it out.

The last two part is I’m Still Blaming It On The Weatherman  these last two parts are the songs Still Here  by Contemporary Christian singer Damita from her 2012’s  album Anticipation and Blame It On the Weatherman by Irish Girl group B*Witched. In the line of the the song Still Here which says I’m Still Here you couldn’t break Me, you couldn’t shake me I’m standing my ground. This line is saying that no matter how hard you fight stay up and don’t give in. She had  also made  a reference to another song from Deitrick Haddon’s 2011 album Church On The Moon which was a bonus song on I-tunes along with the album called Stand My Ground…But back the the blog…In the song Blame It On The Weatherman by B*Witched from their 1998’s self-titled album. The line Only clouds will see Tears are in my eyes empty like my heart Why did ya say goodbye?  This line of the song tell all of the years that I had cried myself to sleep and feeling empty on the inside cause I’ve felt that I wasn’t going to get anywhere in my college career. But in May of 2013 all of that had changed when I had packed up my entire side of the dorm room which I shared with a sibling. I’m sure as some of you are reading this some of you are wondering why I had left unexpectedly.  That was because as I was taking time off from school  and I had to really ask myself was that the last program that I was in..”Would that be something that you would want to do for the rest of your life?” 

The reason for me taking time off was because of my low gpa ath the time cause I’ve didn’t meet the gpa requirement to stay in the dorm. Then I had realized that the last program that I was in was not one that I would enjoy.  I felt that they should had let me make that decision of me picking my own classes intend of having someone choosing that class for me. If you asked me what kind of class that I would love to take while I was there that class would be a music class along with me taking a guitar lessons.

 My answer was no I would not want to do something within the Graphic and Print Communications program for the rest of my life. I also and still til this day regret doing that program and that reason is because I didn’t not pick that major and it was chosen for me with out my knowledge and also I was naive of doing that program. As I am writing this blog I want to be the voice that makes a changes and sometimes you must even take a risk with the rules. All I am asking is that the rules of the graduation caps become a sea of graduation caps that is not only decorated but one that tells every graduates story including mine. This should not only should be a uniform with the regalia but also think of it as a decorative uniform and the decorations serves along with this prestigious milestone. 

This is not me coming to you or the Graduation Coordinator to break the rules, but this is me picturing the graduation floor of the Muse Center in a decorative uniform telling a story. So I am asking you to imagine the graduation floor as a sea of decorative graduation motarboard that is telling all of our stories. I would love it this was approved in time for graduation on December the 15th so that every graduate can tell their story on their mortarboard part of the graduation hat. I can already see myself on graduation day with a decorative hat in a crowd of other people on graduation day with theirs decorated too. 


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