Brainscaping With Confidence

It’s almost that time of the year once again and some of you are about to send your child or children off to college. If they are reading this blog or if you’re a student or professor stop what you are doing cause I have something exciting to tell you. Do you want to pass all of classes for either for the last part of summer or the start of the fall semester. It’s ok cause I have just the app to help you, your classmates, friends even that professor who has decided to go back and work on their degree and that app is called Brainscape. You and everyone in your classes are wondering what on earth is Brainscape?

Brainscape is a flash card app that allows you to rate your confidence level in the subject that your studying for in that class. For some it may be English, whether if it’s Beginners English, Intermediate English,Comp 1 or Comp2. For others it may be classes for their program like the Administrative Office Technology formerly known as the Business and Office Technology, Dental Assistant Technology which are some to name a few. You might ask what about math and will I be able to use this app to help me learn the formulas and the steps. The answer is yes of course you can do that to help you get better at math.

When I had first discovered this app I myself was a student at Hinds College College at the main campus over in Raymond,Mississippi…Then right when I had to take time off from school before switching to the Vicksburg-Warren campus of Hinds Community College in my hometown of Vicksburg,Mississippi cause of the gpa that I had from the last program that I’ve previously was doing which wasn’t the one that I wanted to be a part of while at Hindscc.

In the PowerPoint it will go into more detail about the app along with the types of classes that you can study for weeks before that exam. You might ask yourself just like I did when I had first started using this app was there anything timed. The answer might surprise you and the answer is absolutely no…unlike the my math app that my math instructor over in Raymond had suggested for us to used to help us with the math I’ve felt very uncomfortable with the time. If you’re interested in the professional version of brainscape click on the link here to learn more about it. Even if you’re wanting more with Brainscape along with the discount code which isBOT201991AF to get your twenty percent off of the original price of this wonderful app then go right on ahead.

But with this app you will feel better about what you’re truly looking at and what classes in your field you are studying for..even if you haven’t decided what you wanted to do. So don’t be afraid to tell your friends, family members, other teachers/ colleges professors or colleges administrators. If your in the workforce then tell your coworkers, colleagues, boss and your administrators about this app and let’s help make this app even more popular within the colleges and universities even the workforce.

Published by aflaggs93

I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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