Different Ways To Make Extra Cash

You might be trying to find some extra cash somewhere hidden all around the house. Maybe you might be having a very hard time trying to find either a extra job or a career. Sometimes it might be that you can’t do daycare for your childeren or you might have to take care of one or both of your parents. Even it might be to where you might be contemplating on moving back home to be more closer to your parents. You might be asking yourself what can you use the extra money for..Well there are alot of endless possiblities of things that you can use the extra money. Sometimes you might be thinking about putting it into a rainy day fund,college fund for your children when they graduate from high school or college. Maybe your like me and want to start your own blog to where you expanding to to doing Youtube videos, vlogs along with doing song covers, podcasts and fan fiction book trailers not only for your wattpad fan fiction books. But also your doing this for your very own youtube channel. You’re might be trying to save all of that extra money for a vacation or a cruise that you’ve been saving for a very long time.

Your wondering how will I be able to get some of the extra money. Well that is such a really excellent question. One way is to collect loose change that you might not only have found under the couch cushion but all over the house like in your wallet, in the dryer of someone’s or maybe your shirt or pants pocket, in you cup holder in your car or if it’s on the ground. You might find some of the loose change in the laundry room. You’re wondering is there any other way that I can get some of the extra money for whatever I’m doing. The answer to that question is yes there is more ways than one to get the extra money. If your grocery shopping while your there and you have the app ibotta is one of the ones that you can use to scan the product that your buying and afterwards you then scan the receipt for what you had bought. If you’re into getting coupons and and is trying to save as much money as you can then the website inboxdollars can help you with getting your errands done. Here’s the referral link where you can refer your friends and family members and can get paid for it.https://www.inboxdollars.com/r/1923021556?ref_src=link If you have never used this site before then what are you waiting for just go on here and try it out for yourself. Then you have the popular food delivery apps like Postmates,Doordash, Ubereats and Grubhub where you can not only work on your own time and schedule but you can also deliver to different places.

Then last but not least is becoming an influencer on social media with your talent whether if it’s on Instagram, YouTube, Wattpad with writing the fan fictions or right here on WordPress with your YouTube video on your blog post talking more into details about what you have blogged about. As your working on your influence work on your social media sites your wondering how am I going to get the money for it. For YouTube and WordPress you can have your accounts be added to Google Adsence to where both of them are being monetize. Wattpad has something called Wattpad paidstory where you can enter your work into becoming a paid novel on the website or app? Instagram you can do affiliate marketing by creating a sponsored post or promoting a product on the site to where you audience on the site grows. You might just be using the product that was even sponsored in that YouTube video or in that Instagram post. Here’s one suggestion for if you are doing YouTube is that it’s going to take time not only for your subscribers to grow but also your revenue that you get from advertisers and google adsense.

Published by aflaggs93

I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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