My Thoughts on The Miss Americana Documentary

Here we go and I’m writing another blog post and this time I’m talking about Taylor Swift New Netflix documentary Miss Americana. As I was watching this documentary I had started to feel the same way. You might be wondering what are you talking about. Well for once she had mentioned that “A nice girl shouldn’t force their opinion on anyone.” What she is saying is that a nice person should not only keep their mouth shut about what is going right now. She is also saying that you should not stay silence and that its OK to speak whatever it is on your mind. As for me when I’ve first started blogging when it was for assignments as a freshman in college I had started to wonder what would it be like if I choose to continue to keep this blog and not shut it down.

That one question had stayed on my mind until towards the end of 2017 but anyways back to the current blog. As I was still watching the Miss Americana documentary on Netflix some of the things that she was talking about I can truly relate. If I also had a chance to go to one of Taylor’s concert in the near future and had met her. Not only I would give her a hug but I would thank her for being an inspiration to me for being a voice and speaking whatever it is that is on my mind. Just like Taylor I too was told not to say anything about certain things but as I had grew older and had taken that risk during the first half my senior year in high school I was able to learn about whats going on. During the lectures in my classes I was scared to speak cause I knew if I had said something I had felt that I would be linked to something because of who I was. Even if I wasn’t in my sixth period class I felt that I was in chains and wanting to break free and be my own girl but I just didn’t know how to do that not only because of who I was but also because of my learning disability.

Back in 2016 I was watching the results for my home state and once again I was not only embarrassed with the results along with the recent senate elections but I’ve personally felt that the state that I’m from is on the wrong side of history. Just like Taylor I wanted to be on the right side of history and you might ask me what do you mean by being on the right side of history. Well here is your answer to that question. What I am implying is that I want to be on the right side of history by speaking my mind to issues that I wasn’t able to speak about. Sometimes I ask myself what it would be like if I didn’t leave my home state and what would life and been like if I didn’t left. Well for one I would be in the predicament of not having a opportunity of finding my own way of getting stable like finding a home being able to go to different concerts like hers and other musicians. This isn’t the only thing that is holding me back at a opportunity the other ones would be no finance or having money of my own to decorate my home the way I wanted just like in my pinterest board.

As I was listening to both Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince from the Lover album and Only the Young from the end credits in Miss Americana I had started to wonder what it would it be like to visually tell my story in each video what it would be like to tell my story not only in my home town but also in the downtown area telling the visual story from my point of view. Sometimes I ask myself what if I had chose to stay here in Arizona and not look back for a minute, a second or for a hour and decide to go forward and grab every single opportunity that I can in a big state versus going back home and don’t see a single opportunity. Sometimes I also feel that God is telling me to go on a pack my whole family here so that they can have a opportunity at a better life here in a much bigger state versus being in a smaller one where there is no opportunity. Before you read this blog and the second part of my version of Miss Americana if you haven’t watched Taylor Swift new Netflix documentary Miss Americana then go and watch it and then you can come back and read this and the second part of this blog on it.

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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