Ways That We Can Stop the Anxiety and Depression With Alternatives Instead of Drugs

You might be wondering how can I stop my anxiety and the depression that one person maybe dealing with. Well the way how I personally stop it is by listening to music by my favorite artists to help me with the anxiety and the depression. You might be a cancer patient who was prescribed with drugs like Diazepam which is Valium and Alprazolam which is xanax. If your wondering what are some alternatives those types of medications one of them is to listen to the rain or to some other form or nature sound. Another alternative is to go outside and soak some of the sun rays from the sun or go out for a nice walk or a nice bike ride. Sometimes you might want to go and enjoy the beautiful day outside or might want to look at the stars and moon.

You might be thinking of some of the other alternatives to some of those types of medications that your thinking of trying. Maybe you might be thinking about trying Saffron,St. John Wort or other types herbs to help with the depression and anxiety. Here are some other things that you might be considering for an alternative for medications for the depression and anxiety.

You might have young adult children that might be taking this into consideration with trying some alternatives to the depression and the anxiety medications have that person to calm the person with the cancer down by having them imagining themselves in a relaxing place maybe like a island with clear blue water or sitting outside in the calming rain. If you want to physically hear the rain then maybe you should go out to your porch or sun room and sit there and listen to the nice calming sound of the rain.

Also try to play some of those relaxing sounds with earbuds and close your eyes and imagine that your in that place. Those places that is quiet, peaceful and calming is like a a forest with a stream, or a island maybe like the Bahamas or the sounds of thunder or even the sound of light rain. Another method to calm the anxiety down is to try to take some deep breath and count to five and slowly exhale.

Another thing that a family with a member that is dealing with anxiety is to invest in a therapy dog. You might ask how can I get a therapy dog if the yard isn’t big enough for it to run around in. Well you can always let them sleep in its very own doghouse. If you have a backyard and is very concerned about your plants and garden then let it sleep right beside you and your loved one in its very own dog bed.

I might not be a doctor but its always a good advice to ask your oncologist or doctor if its okay to try some alternative methods for the anxiety and depression medications. If your scared or afraid to ask your doctor or oncologist have a family member to ask them for you whether if its your adult children, your spouse whether if its your husband, wife or partner. Maybe you might want your sibling or friend to be with you at the next appointment so maybe one of them should ask you doctor for you. My advise to you if your are afraid or is force to take the medicine is not to be afraid to ask questions about alternatives for the anxiety and depression medications.

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