Alternatives to Nausea Medications With Natural Remedies

OK, in my last blog post I’ve talked about alternatives to taking the anxiety and depression medications and I’ve mentioned what there are like the Xanax and the Valium which they are being used to help treat anxiety and depression. If you would like to read this previous blog post for your own research or is trying other ways to help calm that family member, friend or classmate down. Here’s the link to that blog post

This is not only for the Anxiety and the depression medications but also for the nausea medications too. If your looking for an alternative to stop the nausea without the medications for your friend, family member or for yourself then you are at the right blog. Even though there are over the counter medications to help with the nausea but you are very uncertain about it or your just not sure about the reaction to it. Maybe you might be trying to look for an alternative to what your taking for the nausea. If you like sour candy then you can pack some of the candy after the treatment for that day. Other types of sour candies that you can try to help with the nausea is the sour patch candies like the Sour Patch Kids, Strawberry or Watermelon Sour Patch. If your growing a lemon tree then take some lemons and keep it with you along with some other sour items to help with the nausea. You are thinking about trying something else to help with the nausea along with the other symptoms along with the nausea. Maybe you might be looking into trying an alternative to the nausea medications along with the other medications that you are taking.

According to they talk about the nine types of foods that helps with the nausea. The nine types of foods and liquids that helps with the nausea are Bananas, Sport Drinks( Like Gatorade and Poweraide) a Sprig of Mint, Chicken Broth, Nuts, Water, Ginger,Crackers and apples. If you want to know more about this list then click on the link to know more about those nine items that will help with the nausea. You might be thinking about finding something else to try and avoiding the prescription medications all together then you might be thinking about trying medical marijuana but is wondering if it is legal in your state. If not then your looking for a way to be able to use it but is also willing to go out of state for this. Even if your a cancer patient and is looking for an alternative to the nausea from the chemo and your also trying to find a alternative to the chemotherapy. That will be something that I will talk about in my next blog post for all current cancer patients that is willing to try something new other than the chemo and is waiting for a miracle too. Don’t fret just because you had gotten the bad news about it I’m sure that all of you out there are willing to try something else if its not working or if had spread.

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