Chemotherapy Alternatives

Alright, in the last blog post I’ve talked about the alternatives to the nausea medications and if you would like to read more about it then click the link to read the previous two blog posts. Imagine that you get the very devastating news that you have some form of cancer and you have to do chemotherapy. You are talking to your doctor and your telling her that your refusing to do the chemotherapy but instead your wanting to do an alternative treatment. Your doctor is wanting you to do the treatments but instead your going with your instincts and decide not to do the chemo. But you choose not to do the chemotherapy instead you start to find other alternatives to the chemo or is willing to try another form of treatment instead of the chemotherapy. Well here are some for different types of cancers that you can try. Some of them includes the following for alternatives to the chemotherapy if your looking to go that route and not doing the chemotherapy all together. According to the Mayo Clinic this clinic list the top 10 cancer alternative treatments for cancer patients who wanting to do an alternative to what the doctors is wanting you to do. Those therapies includes music therapy, tai chi, yoga, or acupuncture which are some of the few alternatives.

Other alternatives include immunotherapy which helps with the immune system, radiation is some of the few chemo alternatives. According to, they list 8 alternatives for both chemotherapy and radiation on their site, and here’s the link to this link to check out more information to the eight alternatives to the treatments. You might have gastric cancer and is looking for an alternative all together and is totally against taking the chemotherapy so you look into medical marijuana but the problem is that it’s not legal in your state so your thinking about getting an out of state card and go to a state that is legal since you have other family members that live in that state. It’s not just only the medical marijuana that you’re looking into but your thinking about finding a CBD oil to help with the treating the tumor to where it has completely shrunken all together. Your looking for an alternative treatment right now cause the chemo had made you sick to where your having nausea and has decided to stop taking all of the medications at this point but have not given up on faith so you continue your daily meditation to where you receive a miracle and good news from the doctors. You might not even be sure about the CBD oil so you do a little bit more digging online and your super nervous about this altogether. You also start looking into other cancer treatment hospitals like MD Anderson, or Cancer Treatment Center of America for other options to help treat the cancer tumor along with your faith and you have never given up on your faith.

The doctors are shocked, stunned, or surprised that they can’t even believe that the whole tumor has shrunken. Everyone including your own family members are excited about the good news and is wondering how did you get the tumor to completely shrink without the chemo. Some might say it was from the Medical Marijuana, Other might say it was from the one of the alternative therapies that you had tried while you was conducting this experiment to see if it would work. Some would also say that it could be from the cbd oil that you had used without the doctors, nurses or anyone else knowing about it and you continue to keep using that oil to where all of the cancer was completely gone from the body along with the part of where it had spread in the body. Every family member, friends or strangers believes that it was from a unexpected miracle that every single person had prayed for even the family members on both sides had prayed for this whole time.

If you or a family member, friend, or anyone is dealing with any forms of cancer and you are being told to do the chemotherapy ask your doctors about the side effects and if you can do an alternative to the chemotherapy. Don’t be afraid to ask your oncologist about the side effects and the chemicals that’s in the chemo. If your willing to find a alternative to all of the medications that you are being force to to take then I say go for it and don’t ever be afraid to try out other types of treatments other than the chemotherapy even if your to not to do it. Don’t be afraid to take risks like trying those alternatives I say find a alternative that works for you. If your willing to do an alternative therapy then go for it and don’t give up on your fight against this disease nor let it win.

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