Exploring All of Arizona

Sometimes I wonder what places in Arizona could I go and explore some might say the ritzy part other might say the Grand Canyon. I never knew that when I had first visited Arizona on June of 2014 I had imagined if I was a resident of Arizona. When I had first moved there in May of last year I’ve never even knew how it would even work out for a girl like myself whose from a small town in Mississippi where everyone knows everyone to knowing just family living there to meeting other people. One of the biggest thing that I’ve done while I was there was visit the arena where the Phoenix Suns play for my very first concert and unfortunately I didn’t get to meet the band that was performing there but i know that my turn for a meet and greet is coming. I just don’t know even when its going to happen but I know that when I return to Arizona soon it will happen.

If your a fan of baseball or have never been to a major league baseball game like myself then consider going to one of the Arizona Diamondback games at Chase Field which is a couple of blocks from Talking Stick Resort Arena which is home to the Phoenix Sun which is part of the professional basketball team. If your not in to baseball but is into hockey then go to one of the Arizona Coyotes hockey or its indoor football team which is know as the Arizona Rattlers at Gila River Arena

You might be wondering what are some other places in Arizona that I could explore if I ever decide to visit Arizona one place would not only be Downtown Phoenix but it would be Downtown Chandler. Not just Downtown Chandler but other parts like their shopping malls like Chandler Fashion Center and sometimes I have this thought that I would love to see something like this in my own hometown. Another place that everyone should considering visiting is Downtown Tempe which is home to Arizona State University if your considering going to college there whether if you live in Arizona or is transferring from another college in the United States. While your in Tempe take the time and the advantage to explore all of the local shops and restaurants while in Tempe along with visiting Tempe lake. If your a shopper and want to take advantage of the stores then you will love Tempe Marketplace where you can walk around to different stores, restaurants, or if your with friends wanting to go to Dave and Busters or to its movie theater to catch a movie.

You might be wanting to look at some of those stores that those malls have that the mall in your homestate might not have or your homestate might not have a mall like the part of Mississippi that I’m originally from but would love to look at ideas of rebuilding that mall.

Maybe you might be with either a group of people or with your entire family members and you all have decided that you would want to do the dinner and a movie. There are several of them in Arizona including the Ultra Star-Mulitainment Center AK Chin which is next to the Harrah’s-AK Chin Resort over in Maricopa, AZ but if your not near Maricopa but is in another part of Arizona Like Scottsdale, Chandler, or even in Phoenix check out some of their Dinner and a Movie options at the movie theaters there. The ones that are near those area are Alamo Drafthouse, AMC Dine-in Esplanade 14, Roadhouse Cinemas, Studio Movie Grill are some of the other ones that you can look into for your large group or for your big family members that’s visiting from out of state.

Even if your deciding to go to North Phoenix considering visiting the beautiful and ritzy Scottsdale where you can go and meet some famous celebrities that visit Arizona every year whether if its in the Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. If your a snowbird or not and wanting to find a new place cause of a job opportunity for you or your family you might be considering to come to Arizona. Maybe you might be trying to start a new life and possibly a new company or is trying to build one from the grounds up. If you want to visit one of the four ski resorts in Northern Arizona so that you can say that you did get to see some snow in Arizona

Maybe you have just gotten a job offer and your looking for a new home or a younger person like myself who is interested in looking into a townhouse community where you are working from home, starting your own company at home or is thinking about starting a YouTube channel and is wanting to have that room in your new home, townhouse, apartment or condo. Maybe you might be interested into looking into a suburban neighborhood that so that you can go and drive around your new neighborhood so that you can be come familiar with it so that you can get to know where you are going whether if its for your new job, your child or children’s new school thats near your new neighborhood or just a few walks away. You are thinking about finding a neighborhood thats in a safe area that is gated and also has a playground so that your child or children can play outside on beautiful days.

If your ever thinking about coming to Arizona to visit this wonderful state or thinking about starting a better life with a stable job opportunity and a stable life but also want to go out and have fun then take the time to learn more about Arizona. While your researching all about the State of Arizona do some pros and cons about it and also compare it to the state that your from and see what all does your state and what does Arizona has in common and what do your state don’t have that Arizona does. You will not only be shocked but you will also be super surprised about what Arizona has to offer as in the economy, Jobs, housing, education, shopping, nightlife and a whole lot more.

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I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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