Update on Blog Expansions and The Start of Song Visuals

Ok I’m sure all of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing since this pandemic. Well, I am continuing working on my blogs whether if it’s this one, my fan fiction blog or coming up with ideas for my visuals for the songs in one of my fanfiction playlists. Other times it might not even be songs in that fan fiction playlist but instead its a song from that album. Sometimes it might not even be a visual for a song but it could also be other things to this blog like revamping it to where its this blog, YouTube channels, Facebook page, Instagram accounts( the one thats connected to this blog or my fan account) or if its the Disney blog that I’m building for trips to Disney world, Disneyland, The Disney Cruise or its other Disney proprieties. In the previous blog I’ve talked about what all that I’m doing on this blog account and I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you on here whether if its on here with my blogs or on my YouTube or Instagram accounts. If you haven’t read the first one about things that I’m doing during quarantine then click on the link to read it.https://aflaggs93.wordpress.com/2020/05/06/things-to-do-while-being-quarantined/

I know all of you are wondering when am I going to start revamping this blog and start on doing the visuals for those songs. For the social media revamping I am working on that one and I know that all of you can’t wait to see everything like the photos from those visuals to the visuals itself. I also can’t wait to take everyone on a behind the scenes of my blogging/vlogging adventures along the way. Yes I am trying to get my YouTube side working like the filming the visuals for that song. It maybe more that me filming visuals for songs sometimes I might be going on an trip and I might be blogging from that place and might want all of you to come on that adventures with me. If you haven’t read about my visuals for the songs that I do plan on doing visuals for then click the link to read about that blog post. https://aflaggs93.wordpress.com/2020/03/30/draft-song-visual-ideas/

I’ve also talked about on here about my projects which does includes expanding this blog from not only doing YouTube like my visuals and vlogging adventures but also having a way that everyone can be updated on things whether if its on its own social media accounts like twitter or Facebook and seeing its own behind the scene stories on its own Instagram account. This expansion has been a very huge passion since I’ve first started this blog as a freshman at the main campus of the community college that I’ve attended in a small town in Mississippi when I was only 19 years old. I would not only would love to take everyone on a tour of this campus but also talk about the fan fictions that take place there. Which all of you will have to wait on for sometimes. I’ve also been thinking about doing some storyboards to videos with my visuals for some of those scenes in those visuals. Along with those storyboards I’ve also been thinking about writing some of the spiels for some of those visuals before the beginning of those visuals. If you haven’t read the blog post for this one then you know what to do. Click on the link to read that blog post and here’s the link to that blog post so that you can catch up on the blog posts if you haven’t read it.https://aflaggs93.wordpress.com/2020/01/24/blog-expansions-surprisesupcoming-projects-and-more/

I can’t wait to start on the expansion of this blog post so that all of you can go on my blogging adventures with me in the different states here in America and around the world once Covid-19 has been eradicated for good and all of us who has been quarantined can get back to our lives. But until then everyone be on the lookout for surprises along the way and stay safe everyone.

Published by aflaggs93

I'm originally from Mississippi but I want to be the one to tell my stories on here. I'm just a girl with a passion for blogging, music and writing fan fiction who one day see this blog expanding to podcast to being a full time youtuber

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