About Me

My name is Andrea Flaggs I am a graduate of both Warren Central High School and Vicksburg Community School in Vicksburg,Mississippi. I am also a graduate of Hinds Community College of Raymond,Mississippi where this blog had first came to life as a weekly class assignment for Beginner English. I am also a former bass clarinet player for the WCHS BigBlue marching band. I am also former member of the Hinds Community College Eagle marching band as a band manager which was a scholarship from my time in high school and I enjoy it so much where I also helped the band out as well. I have a passion and a dream of being a musician and planning on expanding this blog to social Media sites including Instagram,Facebook to my relaunched YouTube channels and podcast in the near future. I am also planning on a YouTube channel for my FanFic novel trailers for each novels including Rockstar Journey and my new fan fiction crossover novel Blue Bloods: Secrets of The Blue Templar. I cant wait to start sharing my fan trailers to m fan fiction novels on wattpad. If you want to read the blogs to the fan fiction novels and go behind the scenes of my work on wattpad click on the link right here read more or read those blog post. annadenisewattpadder.wordpress.com Just like my FanFic character Anna Morgan who is doing the same thing that I’m doing every single day is living my dreams and going on tour also performing around the world and even being in movies and tv shows. B*witched and Demi Lovato a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers.

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